About Chef Eico & John



Eico was born in Kobe, Japan, an international city facing the sea on one side with a backdrop of mountains on the other. After graduating she moved to Paris to study French Cuisine in Montfort L’Amaury and then by working at restaurant ‘Pierre Orsi’ in Lyon.

On returning to Japan, she took up employment in an events company followed by a private cookery school.

Combining her knowledge of Japanese and French Cuisine, she then ventured to London where she worked for both English and Japanese catering companies, developing her unique style of blending Eastern and Western tastes.

During this early period, she also joined the acclaimed restaurant chain, ‘Zuma’ and honed her skills working with its sushi team as well as finding time to present food for the renowned culinary photographers, Sue Atkinson and Karen Thomas.

In 2002, Chef Eico launched her own catering company, ‘mogumogu’, building up a remarkable clientele of international companies and individuals.




John has had a long and successful career in nurturing and delivering profitable turnkey projects from hotels and catering establishments to restaurants and bars in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

He has exceptional interpersonal skills that often led him to manage the finished projects that he initiated. These have been for leading international businesses, for the Gulf states’ ruling families and also for British and American clients. He began his career with a chef’s apprenticeship at the first class Park Hotel in Cardiff, gaining his city and guilds catering qualification.

John’s early culinary talent quickly took (for space) him into the position as head chef for a British hotel company. His first managerial position came a few years later for a leading international catering company that posted him to the Middle East. His success was soon recognised by competitors and he became employed as a consultant for many projects within the catering industry. His reputation as an expert in his field prevails to this day.

However, at one point, he decided to root himself in Bahrain and opened his own bistro-style restaurant, Krumz, that won two international traveller business awards as well as becoming one of the most successful restaurants on the island. It also had a very busy outside catering subsidiary. Apart from his success in business, John is very knowledgeable about wine and is passionate about his Greek heritage bringing both to his Mediterranean table along with his renowned hospitality and grace. He is fluent in Greek as well as English and some Arabic!


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