Cookery Classes

Here is a taster of the cookery classes mogumogu will be offering:

Tuesday 24th of April 18:30 – 21:30



                                           31-35 Fulham high street London SW6 3JH

Eico’s Practical Sushi Cooking Class

The class will begin with a brief introduction to Japanese culture and customs and the history of Sushi accompanied by canapés and cherry blossom cocktail or wine.

The demonstration :

* How to cook rice and make Sushi vinegar ( Sushizu) to form the basis of Sushi

* How to cut the fish including salmon, tuna, prawn and also vegetables for Sushi

* How to combine the above into 6 different types of Sushi such as :

 Hosomaki (the thin roll)  uramaki (inside out roll)

Temari (small fish on rice ball)

Oshizushi (pressed sushi)

shikaimaki(decoration roll) – demonstration

Making your own :

Following the practical demonstration, students will practise making their own Sushi with individual help and advice.

Towards the end of the class, information of Japanese fishmongers and Japanese supermarkets will be shared.

and having the sushi dinner.



miso soup

green tea & sweets

 To conclude :

There will be a Q & A session.

Each student will leave with a Sushi mat, a Booklet on Sushi making and their very own Sushi.


The cost :

The class will take 3 hours and it will cost £50. There will be a maximum of 10 in the class. All ingredients are included.

Contact us:

07447 888 313

Other classes details are available. Please get in touch for more information.